jean1Coaching is about helping normal people deal with normal problems in more effective ways. It’s about creating a future that is better than the present. Coaching can also be short-term mental first-aid to address immediate concerns and be a catalyst for long-term change. As a coach I’m curious about your choices and may challenge them – just as a good massage focuses on the muscular knots. Also like a massage, a coaching session is the ultimate me-time, time for you to connect with your deepest self. Over the course of six sessions you will gain clarity on your issues and release blockages – things that are blocking your progress. Release your inner gruntle! Banish it back to where the wild things are!

As a former teacher, I understand teachers’ problems, particularly with work/life balance. Do you work 60 hours a week and resent it? I did! I can help you address work/life balance, communication with difficult colleagues and¬†behaviour management (for students as well as demanding SLT!). I can also help you make big decisions like¬†whether to leave the profession or not and ease your transition into a new career. According to the Guardian, 50,000 UK teachers left the profession in 2015. According to The Age, “in the United States 50 per cent of beginning teachers are likely to exit the profession within five years. In Britain, 40 per cent of those who enter teaching are no longer there after five years. In Australia, conservative estimates suggest as many as 25 per cent of beginning teachers leave the profession within their first five years of employment.” Let’s stop this waste of talent!

I trained as a transformational coach at The Animas Centre for Coaching in London and qualified in January 2016. Before that I was a secondary school English and EAL teacher in several London state schools. Originally from the US, I love travelling and have taught in nine countries: China, Singapore, Thailand, Austria, Spain, Germany, Belgium, the US and the UK. I can coach in English and in German. Are we a good match?

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Benefits will you gain

– Increased awareness

– Clearer view of your life

– Increased balance and fulfillment

– Release blockages that stop you achieving goals

– Gain control over your life

– Understand your values and how to honour them

– Increased positivity

– Momentum forward


I can coach you in these areas:

– Personal issues

– Self-Image

– Relationship

– Health

– Career

– Finance

– Teenager/young adult challenges


For example, I can help you to:

– Make a decision

– Increase performance

– Find your true passion

– Improve relationships

– Handle challenges

In simple words to CHANGE to be the best version YOU can be in any area of your life.